Jessica Primavera

CEO Co-founder

Jess Primavera

I've prioritized travel for more than a decade. I've visited 40+ countries, and I am fortunate enough to have many friends around the world. I've lived abroad a few times and I'm always captivated when learning about other cultures, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Balancing a full-time career with travel can be tough, but I've managed to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.I’m excited to be working with a super-talented team in building Unbound, an application that speaks to my passion for travel as well as leverages the skills I’ve acquired throughout my career.

I have 12+ years of experience in Product Management, Supply Chain, and Operations. I have held technology management roles both domestically and internationally. I have significant experience in defining business and technical requirements, building customer products and analytic applications, and launching products and systems. I am acknowledged by my teams for my unique ability to dissect and simplify issues involving people, technology, and business process to drive development in product, systems and operations.

Michael Dere

CTO Co-founder

Michael Dere

I’ve be so lucky to travel all of the world but out of every place I’ve been to, Japan stood out to me the most. What I love about Japan is their unique culture and cuisine. Traveling has made me realize that I wanted to help other people experience travel with ease. That’s why I am so excited for Unbound. As a travel addict myself, I have experienced the ups and downs of international travel. I know the problems that exist for people when it comes to booking, finding tours, flights and dealing with the hassle of money. My goal is for everyone to have stress free, authentic travel experiences.

I am thrilled to work on Unbound and make traveling accessible for everyone!

For over 5 years I’ve worked as a full stack engineer developing various applications. I love working with tech and continually look for the new technologies that help make all of our lives easier. I am excited to be bringing to life those technologies to share with you on Unbound.

Betty Wong

UI/UX Engineer

Betty Wong

I spend most of my time exploring the US with an occasional trip to London. I look forward to more international travel in the future especially knowing that I could use Unbound to plan trips with ease.

Working on Unbound has given me great insight not only in working on a different platform but also in the travel world. Being a part of a team that is bringing an experience and solution to every day people is very rewarding. I can’t wait for Unbound to be shared with all of you.

I’ve worked as a software developer on various web applications for years now. My role with Unbound is on the front end development. Knowing that Unbound is something I would use myself helps me to develop a user friendly experience for you.