What We Do

Unbound is a lifestyle and booking app focused on providing authentic travel advice and experiences to users. Unbound will guide you in discovering unique places and things to do, whether it’s in your own backyard or around the world, by connecting you with experienced travel influencers. We are focused on providing experience recommendations for everyday life, including your daily activities and special events, such as planning a trip, as well as providing a safe way to book hosted trips. Our mission is to connect you to the world by making authentic local places accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy is to turn dreaming of the most wonderful places into discovering those places. We strive to create a sense of wonderment for the world by sharing authentic insights on local and global places and  fostering a culture of openness and communication. 

The company’s core technology uses data science, neural network, and machine learning to process information, the single most accurate way to find and book trusted trips. Unbound is founded by Jess Primavera and Michael Dere, General Assembly Alumni, and has a team of over 14 developers, data scientists, and digital marketers. Unbound is a boot-strapped company working toward Beta release in Fall 2018. Unbound is headquartered in Seattle, WA.