Every Business Starts With a Story

What’s Ours?

We’re travelers. We’re hosts. We’re a community.

We as travelers, have become stewards of the world. We’ve seen travel change our deepest selves and change those we’ve encountered along the way and we’re on a mission to share those experiences with others, too. 

Unbound was created to fill a growing need for finding and booking experiential group trips all in one place. Founded by Jess Primavera and Michael Dere, we’ve assembled a team of people as passionate about travel as we are to create a product we would want to use ourselves.

When it comes to travel, we don’t like to make things complicated. It’s all in one place. One app. One platform. Pick your destination, meet our expert travel curators, make a reservation and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

We’re Unbound.

Meet the Makers

Jess Primavera

CEO & Co-Founder

I’ve visited 50+ countries, and I’m always captivated when learning about other cultures. I believe travel has a way of opening our minds, making us more patient, and encouraging acceptance. I’m on a mission to make travel more accessible, making the world a kinder place.

Fun Fact: You’ve likely used a product I helped build. Check out my Linkedin to see what I’ve had my hands in over my 14+ years in tech. 

Michael Dere

CTO Co-Founder

I have traveled to various countries and ultimately enjoyed it, but at the same time I understand the pain points when it comes to traveling. Looking back, I wished that during my travels I had exactly what we envisioned for Unbound in my hands. There are so much potential for Unbound to transform travel and I can’t wait to launch Unbound services.