Take A Leap with Unbound’s Small Group Trips

Take A Leap With Unbound's Small Group Trips
Take A Leap With Unbound’s Small Group Trips


Unbound wants you to take a leap with us with our small group trips! The time frame after the new year’s is a great time to make resolutions that improve your life – but leap years are a great time to take that jump and do something amazing that you never thought you could do. For many people, that is traveling the world. If you haven’t traveled much before – no worries. Unbound has you covered with some excellent, pre-planned curated itineraries for group tours!

What’s Holding You Back?

Why are so many people not taking this leap? They feel tied down by work, worry about affording the costs, fear being alone in a foreign country, or navigating crowed airports and destinations on their own.

What if we told you there is a way to just go without having to deal all the things holding you back from your amazing globe-trotting adventure?

We will get to that way in just a minute. First, let’s look at the reasons you need to travel in the first place.

The Many Benefits of Travel

Travel is good for your health. It’s a proven fact that people who take vacations lower their risk of heart disease and even succeed better in other wellness markers like reduced stress and goal setting. Leaving the ordinary and experiencing the extraordinary also helps you discover your hidden passions, strengths and weaknesses – that personal growth is important in all aspects of your life. Travel connects you with other humans that enrich your life. You meet the most amazing people in the most unexpected places: the food stall run by the woman who has been there for 30 years, the local guide whose ancestors are Indigenous to the land, even fellow travellers who have their own unique stories to share. Who knows, you may even meet the love of your life during your journey.

Travel is also good for your career. Gaining insights into the way the world is connected while destressing and enjoying self-care makes you a more productive employee or boss.

How You Can Just Go – With Small Group Trips

All your worries of travel costs, travelling alone, or being nervous and anxious are relieved with small group trips.

Legit Trips Group Trip to Belize
Legit Trips Group Trip to Belize

Group tour operators are able to purchase accommodations, transportation and access to attractions wholesale, and they pass these savings on to you. Whether you are travelling as a family, a couple, or solo, group trips ensure you are not travelling alone.


That being said, curated tours have plenty of time in between getting you front-row access to the most in-demand attractions to wander at will and spend time getting to know your destination on your own terms. For some this means hitting the pub with fellow travelers or locals. For others it means slipping away to enjoy alone time in a museum or park.

You can save even more on group tours when you book last minute travel deals online. It is in the best interest of the tour group to run at full capacity; if only one or two spots remain open close to the tour date, those spots will often be offered at a discount.

Legit Trips Hawaii Group Trip
Legit Trips Hawaii Group Trip

Take the Leap (Safely and Securely) With Group Trips Hosted on the Unbound Platform

Unbound  is here for you this leap year so you can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. We have upcoming tours to such varied places as:

As seasoned travellers ourselves, we know what it takes to create the best group tour experiences. Bookmark our page so you are the first to know when new tours are released.

We’ve also got some recent write-ups about Cuba and Nicaragua on our blog, if you’d like a sneak peak into traveling there.

Now is the Time

Go from scrolling those vacation pictures on Facebook and Instagram to being in those photos! Unbound makes it easy with affordable curated small group tours. You have always wanted to travel, right?. This leap year is the perfect time to jump into your new adventure.


Take A Leap with Unbound’s Small Group Trips

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