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I was a self-proclaimed solo-traveler—until I finally discovered small group travel that fit my particular brand of travel. Last year, I joined Legit Trips in Caye Caulker over New Year’s Eve and it was exactly the type of adventure I desired. Somehow Legit Trips managed to perfectly balance curating exceptional experiences while making it seem effortless. We swam with sharks, sailed on a Catamaran, and floated at the Lazy Lizard. I don’t think I put on a pair of shoes the entire time I was there. All activities were optional so I could balance group time with solo time. I had such a great time that I’ll be joining them again this New Year’s Eve in La Paz, where I’ll be swimming with whale sharks! If you’re considering booking small group trips with Legit Trips, read on to know what to expect.

Unbound Small Group Travel Belize

The planning is already done on by Legit Trips

When booking a small group trip with  Legit Trips, the pressure is off! Simply book your flight, and Legit Trips does the rest. Hotels have been checked, activities have been vetted, and the itinerary has been crafted. The two biggest decisions of the day will be what to wear in the morning and when to have your first cocktail. Everything is taken care of, from transportation to restaurant reservations to activities for the day. You can opt-in or opt-out of any of the activities on the itinerary. It’s refreshing to wake up in the morning, check that your day pack is ready, and just go. Instead of worrying about logistics, safety, or a language barrier, guests can simply enjoy exploring a new and wonderful place.

You will meet new people (and like them)

Each one of Legit Trips small group trips has a specific theme (culture, adventure, wildlife, etc.) and understandably attracts like-minded travelers. Additionally, those who prioritize travel are typically open-minded and excited to meet new people. Although strangers initially, everyone will have at least two things in common—an interest in the same area of the world and an interest in the activities.

No one is too far behind or ahead on small group travel

To foster connectedness, you’ll have a welcome reception to get to know your fellow trip-mates right from the start. Next, Legit Trips encourages you to try or do something new, be open-minded, make a stranger a friend, and to push your limits. The middle of the trip is always about adventure, a fresh experience, curiosity. Legit Trips hosts facilitate the fun, and you can choose your own adventure that makes you feel alive, amazed, and like you have no limits. During the small group trip, everyone stays within the general area, but the group will naturally spread out. Sometimes sub-groups form or a couple of people will partner off, and sometimes people will take time alone to take in the experience. You are free to choose your own adventure.

Learn insider knowledge and expertise on culture, environment, and cuisine

Certainly, there are many travelers who manage just fine on their own with a slew of bookmarked blog posts. However, even the best blogger can’t have every piece of information someone might come across on a trip. With Legit Trips small group travel, your guide is at the group’s disposal for any question that might come up. Nothing compares to an experienced person by your side to point out something that may have gone unnoticed. Legit Trips always tries to offer something you couldn’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s exploring a cave of wonders or swimming with sharks.

Unbound Small Group Travel Belize

You will create lifelong friends on small group travel

The first few minutes of meeting everyone is a flurry of introductions. By the second day, group members are engaged in friendly conversation, sharing personal adventures and intimate stories. The Legit Trips conclude with a group celebration of the people who made the trip uniquely awesome, the place that was a gracious host, the beautiful backdrop, and the special memories that were created. The immersive, shared experience of traveling together creates a unique bond, especially on having witnessed something truly extraordinary and often travelers are hugging good-bye vowing to stay in touch.

Ready to book your next small group travel experience? Download the Unbound App and peruse all the Unbound x Legit Trips Departures. Check out this video to inspire you to visit Caye Caulker.

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What to Expect During Small Group Travel – with Legit Trips

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