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Unbound Small Group Trips - Belize

Why do you travel?

Is it so that you can check off all the “must-see” sights on those generic ‘Top 10’ lists floating around?

Is it to go to somewhere new, just to do all the same things you do at home? No?

Then it must be because you want to pile onto a big tour bus with 40 of your new best friends, and be passively driven around on the most worn, beaten paths of what could have been your new favorite destination.

Big Red Bus Tour
Unbound Small Group Trips - Hawaii

Take a look at the images above. Do you want to be on the big red bus with a bunch of strangers? Or do you want slow, deliberate, curated travel?

 Yeah, we get it. 

We’d skip the big red bus every day.

Where’s the excitement?

You want engagement. You want to Discover the Unbounded World. Sadly, even with all the processing power of today’s technology, those search engines just keep showing you the same old thing.

And you know what? We’re frustrated too. We’ve been looking for something different and something special – but it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

To solve this problem – enter Unbound. We’re not your big generic booking engine – and we’re definitely not your parents’ group tour.

Unbound is a team of travelers and explorers on a journey to put the ‘experience’ back in travel.

Unbound Malawi Group Trip

How do you imagine small group travel?

There’s a generic feel to mainstream travel offerings out there. It’s not surprising – only very recently has economic, social, and technological progress converged to ignite explosive demand for travel as a product. As a result, the travel industry mass-produced countless one-size-fits-all tour packages. They were the hot new thing just a couple of decades ago, but now they feel… passé. They’re for tourists, not for travelers.

But...what if you're a traveler?

Well, what we’re doing here at Unbound is sorting through the noise for you. We searched high and low for unique travel experiences and were pleasantly surprised to keep finding hardworking guides looking for us! Did you know there are people out there leading really cool, really different small group travel? Well, there are!

Unbound has partnered with independent tour companies – shall we rename them ‘traveler companies’? – who specially design itineraries that immerse you in the sights and sounds of a new place. Additionally, we’ve got authentic connection with local culture, and guidance from professional travelers. These guides are excited to share all the offbeat little details that make them fall in love with the place over and over again – because THAT IS the experience we’re all looking for.

But we figured most people may not have our patience to weed through thousands of generic search results. So we’re building Unbound to highlight expert ‘traveler companies’ and the hosts that know how to bring the magic back to travel. 

Group Ski Trip in Austria

Transform your small group travel experience with Unbound

We just launched the first release of Unbound, available on the iOS App Store now – and coming soon to Google Play. Our first set of Departures are hosted by Megan and Kristen of Legit Trips. You can peruse 15 Departures across 10 destinations. Legit Trip itineraries range from New Year’s Eve in Baja, Mexico and safari adventures in Tanzania to glacier hiking in New Zealand. We are so excited to partner with Legit Trips as they recognizes the power of the travel experience and how it shapes our understanding of the world and ourselves. You can read our full review on Legit Trips in our ‘Small Group travel – with Legit Trips’ post. 

“We become our best while we travel, and we get to take that home and carry it with us forever… Experiencing different people and places, and different ways of life, has led us to see unlimited possibilities in our own lives.”

– Megan Lundquist & Kristen Sargent, Legit Trips

Unbound Departures

We’d love for you to download our app and check out what small group trip options Legit Trips has to offer. We’ll be adding more Departures by our hand-selected ‘Traveler Companies’ in the months to come. As we grow, we aspire to become a community where we can all gather to celebrate travel for the magic it brings to our lives. We hope you’ll continue with us on our journey to redefine small group travel. 

Why do we care about small group travel?

At Unbound, we believe travel effects your mind, body, and soul. And small group travel lead by our hand-selected travel hosts is another conduit to our personal growth. After all the discovery and excitement is said and done, we can go home feeling like we’ve transcended our previous versions of ourselves. And if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you travel for the same reason – to discover, explore, and grow. Because you seek to write your own story. To be the hero of your own journey.

So where does your journey begin?

We would love to have you start it with us.

We invite you to join us in

Discovering the Unbounded World!


Team Unbound

P.S. We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a note about how we’re doing, what you’d like to see. And definitely introduce us to travel guides who you think should host on Unbound! We’re excited to grow our community with you. Email us at discover@theunboundedworld.com, or find us on social.

Unbound Team

Unbound Team

Unbound is about simplifying experiential travel. Our vision is to connect travelers to authentic travel experiences they love, and to empower a new generation of trip hosts to build and scale business around offering those experiences.


Introducing Unbound – For Small Group Travel

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