Hey Travel Hosts, We Got You

Whether you’re a veteran travel guide, host or experiential operator looking to leverage your business in more ways than one, or you’ve been contemplating the idea of hosting your own trips…we’ve got just the thing.

You see, we’re not like other travel companies.

We believe that collectively, we’re more powerful when we work together. And we want to give you the opportunity to do just that. We invite hosts near and far to join our platform and share their experiences with the world at large. 

When you join our Host Community, a couple things happen:

  • You become a member of our Unbound Collective Facebook Group where you can connect with other hosts, share your own insights, tips and learn how to grow your business.
  • Your trips will be listed on the Unbound Marketplace for our visitors to pick and choose from.
  • You get the opportunity to be featured on Unbound’s digital marketing channels, newsletter and blog—from Instagram Lives, to host interviews, trips features and more—we’ll help you build your brand exposure.
  • You get access to tools, resources and tips on how to grow your travel business.

Sound like a good fit?

We thought so.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll circle back with next steps on how to get your trips listed on our marketplace, access to resources and more.