Is Group Travel Right For You?

Are Group Trips Right For You?

Are you wondering if group travel is right for you?

There are an endless amount of options when it comes to small and large group trips. Are you looking for a vacation that lasts 10 days or 4 weeks? Are you hoping for luxury or thrills and adventure? Or maybe a good mix of both. Would you want to travel in a group of 10 or a group of 50?

Here at Unbound, we tend to focus mainly on small group trips curated by contemporary hosts. We only get a limited amount of vacation days a year so you can’t go throwing them away on a trip you won’t even enjoy or worse, no trip at all. Read on to determine how if these group getaways are right for you!

Group Travel in New York

We’re created this easy guide to help you decide if taking a group trip is right for you.

Taking a group trip is a social experience. You aren’t likely going to find yourself with copious amounts of time for self reflection and long walks on the beach. Chances are you are going to be spending a lot of time doing social activities with like minded travelers.

It’s important to keep that in mind when you are deciding if group travel is right for you. If you’re the type of vacationer that wants to indulge in your own passions, completely alone without speaking with other people, then group travel might not be for you. However, if you are interested in a social trip, filled with people interested in the same things you are, then sign on up! Because you are going to have the time of your life.

Consider the Group Travel Destination

Is the destination you want to go right for a group trip? A lot of countries and cities are perfect for group trips. A small group trip is going to help you fit more in, move around easier and see everything.

A general guideline is that if you want to go the same place by yourself, you should double the amount of time you are going to be there if you go with a group. That being said, group trips can be very full-on and exhausting. You usually end up seeing a lot of stuff in a short period of time and spend most days on your feet, exploring. The best contemporary hosts make sure that there is down-time, so be sure to read through their proposed itinerary thoroughly or reach out and ask.

What Are Your Must-Do Activities?

When you are deciding what country or cities to visit on your next trip, it’s good to take a look at the things you want to do. Make a good list of everything you would like to do in that city. Once you have that figured out, start looking at different trips that take groups there.

Does the trip cover everything you want to see? Price it out if you like, groups often get discounts at hotels and attractions, meaning that a group trip could save you money along. Group trips also can add a lot of conveniences, such as pre-planned transportation logistics, that are worth paying for. However, keep in mind, you are likely paying for the overhead of the host being on the trip plus their margin for curating the trip (hosts gotta live too).

Solo travel to Waterfall

Who’s going to be leading the tour?

Your host can make or break your trip. Our team loves taking group trips but we’ve all had our fair share of good and bad trip leaders. Your host tends to set the mood for the entire trip.

Do they seem flustered? Rushed? Nervous? Frustrated? Disengaged? You want a host that’s experienced in traveling with others. It’s important to have someone who’s professional, organized, good at staying neutral, and makes sure that everyone in the group is having fun.

You might not know much about your host before leaving. With tour groups like Intrepid and GAdventures, you pick the trip and are assigned more of tour guide than a host. This means you might not know who they are before you arrive.

There are also options to book trips directly with the host. Great examples of those types of trips are hosted by The Blonde Abroad, Travel Girls Getaways, Girls Love Travel, and Expert Vagabond. When you book their small group trips, you know who’s going to be leading the adventure and a lot of times, reviews will directly talk about them and their hosting skills.

While you can’t always know exactly who you’re host is going to be, we still always recommend reading reviews and seeing what people had to say about the various tour guides within a company.

There are a few other things that we recommend thinking about before booking a trip. Group trips come in all shapes and sizes, just check out a few of the others that we have shared.

Group around fire pit camping

Things to consider when booking a group trip:

  • Group Size. Do you mind taking a trip with 49 other people? Or are you looking for a more intimate trip with 10-12 group members and your host? Make sure to check the group size before booking any trip!

  • Trip Length. How many days off do you have? We know of trips that last 5 days and others that last 5 weeks. Book a trip that works for your time off.

  • Trip Style (i.e. Luxury, Adventure, Special Interest Trips, Cultural Trips). This is a big one. If you’re looking for a yoga retreat with lots of time for reading and occasional trips to the beach, then you probably don’t want to book a group trip to Rome. Be aware of what the trip entails. A lot of trips will let you know what level of physical activity is required and what types of activities you will be doing.

  • Pace of the trip. This is another big one. If you are traveling to a city with a lot to see and you only have 5 days, chances are you are going to be on your feet from dawn until dusk running around the city. Would you rather only do 1-2 things a day? Book a trip with the pace that you want.

  • Free time. Is free time important to you? Group trips tend to mean that you are with those other people on the trip for the entire time. Make sure to check the itinerary if you were hoping for any alone time to explore or just relax by the pool.

Despite any negative ideas about group trips removing the authenticity or taking away your freedom during travel, they also offer a lot of benefits and with the changing times, you see a lot more trips that remain authentic and experiential. Group travel is a great way to meet new people, see the world and have an amazing time while you are at it.

Looking for great examples of group trips? Then check out our other articles 7 World Wonders with Group Trips and Epic Group Travel Destinations for 2019!

Have we convinced you that group travel is for you? Let us know in the comments and we can hook you up with the group trip that’s perfect for you. Download Unbound now to book you next best adventure!.


Is Group Travel Right For You?

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