The 10 Best Places To Visit In 2020

With the New Year comes trip planning and deciding on where to go in 2020. To help make your yearly trip organization a little bit easier, we have found our top 10 places to visit for 2020, including some off the beaten track destinations you are sure to enjoy. Best of all, all of these destinations can be booked directly on Unbound!
Ready to get going? Then keep reading for our top destinations to see in 2020!

1) Namibia

Desert tree in Namibia

Namibia is the ultimate bucket list safari destination. While many people might head for the more crowded plains of South Africa, we prefer the less visited Namibia.
Namibia is the perfect adventure travel destination in Africa, with plenty of hiking, beautiful National Parks, and of course wildlife spotting on safari. Explore the Namib-Naukluft Desert landscape, which has some of the rarest plants and animals on Earth!
Namibia is not limited to desert landscape either. You can go out on the water on the Walvis Bay Lagoon and go kayaking alongside pelicans and flamingos! When you’ve had your fill of animal spotting, you can return to camp and sample some of the local food and wine.
Damesly is running an 11 day safari trip to Namibia this August, so be sure to download Unbound and book your once in a lifetime safari adventure!

2) Lake Powell, Arizona

Lake Powell
You don’t have to venture too far from home to get to our next recommended destination, Lake Powell. Start your trip by visiting the awe-inspiring Antelope Canyon, with its incredibly photogenic landscape. Next, head to the giant Lake Powell for a ton of activities, including water sports and kayaking.
There are over 200 slot canyons for you to explore in Lake Powell, so there’s plenty to see from the water. The weather is almost always perfect, so you can work on your tan with a good book while relaxing. One of our hosts, Damesly, runs PR-focused trips to Lake Powell – stay tuned to see when the next ones will be scheduled post-pandemic.

3) Istanbul, Turkey

Blue Mosque Istanbul
Istanbul is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations of 2020 and for good reason. As one of our top places to celebrate New Years, we are a big fan of what a special place Istanbul is!
Few places can offer the number of experiences found in and around Istanbul. From visiting the epic Blue Mosque, getting pampered in local hammam spas, or getting lost and buying one too many rugs in the Grand Bazaar, you will never get bored of things to do in Istanbul.
Traveling with others is the best way to see this sometime overwhelming city, so we are thrilled to offer trips on Unbound by both Damesly and Legit Trips in 2020 to Instanbul!

4) Uzbekistan

Bukhara Square Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan might not be as popular as some of its nearby Middle Eastern and Central Asia countries, but it would be a mistake to overlook this destination. Famous for the silk road, Uzbekistan is home to wonderful cities including Tashkent, Khiva and Samarkand.
Spend your days marveling at the stunning blue architecture throughout the cities. Embrace the history by visiting the world’s oldest Qur’an, and take a trip back in time to shop for exotic spices in Tashket’s ancient markets.
One surprising fact about Uzbekistan is it is home to some of the most beautiful metro stops in the world! Designed by famous local artists and architects, seeing these metro stops for yourself is truly a unique experience.
If visiting Uzbekistan sounds like 2020 destination for you, then you can book with Damesly on Unbound and visit this amazing country this April.

5) Morocco

Blue stairs in Chefchaouen, Morocco
The secret is out about Morocco, with the country quickly going to the top of many people’s list for the new year. However, there is a reason why everyone is rushing to Morocco!
Few countries are as photogenic as Morocco. From gazing at the stars in the Sahara Desert, to exploring the traditional Souks and temples of Marrakech, to getting lost in the blue city of Chefchaouen, you will always find a new surprise around the next corner.
Morocco is easily one of our top 2020 destinations and we aren’t the only ones! Trip hosts Legit Trips and Damesly agree with us, and are both running group trips to Morocco this year. Check for more details on their Morocco trips in the Unbound app.

6) Oaxaca, Mexico

Woman with painted face for Day of the Dead
Have you heard of the “Dia de los Muertos” festival (or “Day of the Dead” for our non-Spanish speaking readers)? If not, you’re in for a treat!
Day of the Dead is a wonderfully unique experience that takes place every year throughout Mexico, and Oaxaca is one of the best places to experience the event. It’s a positive way for local Mexicans to remember those that have passed and celebrate their lives through costume, food and music.
Outside of the festival, Oaxaca also has a lot to offer first time visitors. You can explore ancient pyramids at Monte Alban, try the traditional Mezcal drink famous in the area, and learn about the history of the area at the Oaxaca Cultural Museum.
The food is Oaxaca is also noteworthy, with the city being known as the culinary capital of Mexico. Try the many different types of mole, soups, and tacos. There is also great international cuisine if you are looking for something a bit different.
Ready to head off to Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead in 2020? Then book your trip with Damesly in the app and we’ll see you there!

7) Cuba

Colored houses and vintage car in Cuba
Cuba has been tricky for Americans to visit in the past due to travel restrictions, but one of the big benefits of going on an organized group tour is you can visit this amazing country under the “Support of the Cuban people” exemption! Let our trip organizers do the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is show up and experience everything Cuba has to offer
You’ve seen the photos, but there are so many reasons why Cuba is on our top destinations of 2020 list. Travel back in time and see all the classic cars around Havana. Sample the best of the famous Cuban cigars, or for a healthier alternative, go horseback riding through the Vinales Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.
A visit to Cuba wouldn’t be complete without learning to Salsa, and luckily there are plenty of friendly locals to teach you! You can also visit the pristine white sand beaches and put your new found Salsa skills to good use by dancing the night away in one of Cuba’s many nightclubs.
Cuba can be a challenge to visit on your own, but luckily our awesome trip hosts Legit Trips and Damesly both have trips running in 2020!

8) Jordan

Treasury in Petra, Jordan
No best of 2020 travel list would be complete without the iconic Jordan. Nothing photographs quite like the exotic landscape of Petra, with it’s spanning desert and ancient carved monuments. You can also have a once in the lifetime glamping experience in the desert of Wadi Rum, or float your worries away in the Dead Sea.
The number of must-see temples and archeological sites will keep you plenty bust during your entire trip, and your Instagram will thank you for months to come after returning home!
You can book your trip to Jordan in 2020 with both Damesly and Legit Trips through the Unbound app.

9) Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu
If you are looking to complete one of the most famous hikes in the world, then a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru should definitely be on your itinerary for 2020. Take on the 40 mile trek through the Salkantay trail with the help of Legit Trips’ organized guides.
First, spend some time in Cusco to appreciate the local city (while also acclimatizing to the altitude). After a few days, you can set off on your adventure, working your way to Machu Picchu for the 4 day adventure trek. You don’t need to rough it though, as you can stay in luxurious Jungle Domes and Sky Huts overnight during your journey!
If getting to Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, then there is no better time to do it than in 2020 with Legit Trips on Unbound!

10) Hawaii, United States

Kauai mountains and ocean
Rounding out our top 10 destinations for 2020 is Hawaii. A little closer to home for the Americans but no less exotic, Hawaii boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.
Explore Maui in a campervan adventure with Legit Trips, taking 6 days to see the best of the island including Haleakala National Park, the Road to Hana, and some of the best beaches you’ve ever seen!
Another option is to join Damesly on Oahu for their unique “Islands and Identity” tour, where you will discover the beauty of Oahu while also working with an on-site life coach to get clarity on your life’s purpose!
Whichever trip you choose, you can’t beat the fun that comes with a group trip on Unbound!


The 10 Best Places To Visit In 2020

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