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Jessica Primavera - CEO Co-founder:

I've prioritized travel for more than a decade. I've visited 40+ countries, and I am fortunate enough to have many friends around the world. I've lived abroad a few times and I'm always captivated when learning about other cultures, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. Balancing a full-time career with travel can be tough, but I've managed to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.I’m excited to be working with a super-talented team in building Unbound, an application that speaks to my passion for travel as well as leverages the skills I’ve acquired throughout my career.

I have 12+ years of experience in Product Management, Supply Chain, and Operations. I have held technology management roles both domestically and internationally. I have significant experience in defining business and technical requirements, building customer products and analytic applications, and launching products and systems. I am acknowledged by my teams and clients for my unique ability to dissect and simplify issues involving people, technology, and business process to drive development in product, systems and operations.

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Michael Dere - CTO Co-founder:

I have traveled to Canada (Vancouver), China (Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, Nara, Hiroshima), Spain (Barcelona, Cadiz, Lisbon,Vigo), France (Cherbourg, Paris), UK and (Dover, London). Out of all these destinations I visited, I love Japan the most. Since I was a young kid, I was (and still am) very interested in their culture and love the vast amount of cuisine selections you can choose from. I would consider myself an Otaku and Akihabara is a goldmine for me, probably one of the many reasons I go back to Japan.

For a living, I am a full stack software engineer for a consulting firm. Before that I've been developing web applications for 5 years and I love what I do. Worked with various different tech stacks, but the one I love the most is building microservice systems with Golang and working with Javascript based frameworks. I've continued to entrenched myself in the tech industry and keeping myself up to date on current technologies that currently exist out on the market.

Why am I excited for Unbound? Most of us are addicted to traveling and there are many problems that still exist in planning a full authentic travel experience. I am grateful and excited to have a dedicated team that shares the same passion to solve these problems in stored for Unbound and make traveling accessible for everyone!


Kenneth Liu - Software Engineer:

Chiang Mai, Paris, and Florence have been my favorite places so far. I also like traveling to tropical locations like Hawaii to relax.

For a living, I am a full stack software engineer with years of experience in the aerospace industry. I have worked on challenging problems and implemented from the ground up enterprise solutions for: manufacturing and procurement, customer configuration, information security, flight test data collection, and equipment calibration/FAA certification.

Working for Unbound is exciting because of the real world challenges it brings. We are building a highly scalable platform to understand how people think when they travel and offering a solution to inspire people to see the world. Building a platform that I would personally use myself is very exciting.


Alex Tong - UI/UX Engineer:

Hong kong, Korea, Japan have been my favorite places so far. I also like traveling to Las Vegas to relax/party.

I currently work for a educational industry as a full stack software engineer working on various web applications. I love to explore new technology and strive for improvement and reach higher ground. I currently support the front end development on Unbound.

Unbound is going to be awesome because I love to travel. Having all the articles and blogs in one spot will save me a lot of time researching. It is also very exciting to read other people’s blogs and gain new insight of the world.


Betty Wong - UI/UX Engineer:

I spend a lot of time travelling within the country such as Chicago, Boston, Austin, Las Vegas, Seattle, and many places in California. San Diego is probably my favorite place to visit. Internationally, I’ve only travelled to London, UK. I hope to do more international travel soon!

I currently work for a consulting firm as a software developer working on various web applications. I have worked predominantly on health related systems using Oracle-based stacks but have gained some experience working on a few others as well. I currently support the front end development on Unbound.

Working on Unbound has given me great insight not only in working on a different platform but also in the travel world. Being a part of a team that is bringing an experience and solution where every day people would use is really exciting.


Destiny Jones - Intern:

I have traveled mostly to different countries within Central and South America namely Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize,  Mexico, Panama. I have also traveled to Canada and to states within the United States such as New Jersey, New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. 

I graduated with a degree in international business, marketing, and business technology. Working to expand my knowledge in web development and I support all marketing and web design efforts for Unbound. 

Working for Unbound has been a great experience because it's challenging and fun! I really like the company's concept and collaborating with the team.