Our Vision

Unbound was created to help you easily find and book your next adventure. Our app introduces you to expert travel hosts and helps you research, compare, and book group trips all in one place. Think of Unbound as your personal travel matchmaker, saving you the hassle of endless internet searching and high travel agent fees.

We understand that travel is not just places and activities, but also people – the host makes the experience, and we choose to focus on this personal touch by empowering you to connect with small travel creators. Together, with your host and fellow like-minded travelers, you’ll share authentic experiences and build new friendships.

We know that the best travel makes you feel alive. It sparks curiosity and stimulates the senses, promoting growth at every turn. Whatever you’re into – cooking, surfing, music, yoga – travel connects you with people who share your interests, as well as with your deepest self. Here, we’re building a place for you to gather and feel that genuine connection, a community that celebrates travel as the ultimate experience.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you to the world by making authentic local places accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy is to help make your dream trip a reality. We strive to create a sense of wonderment for the world by sharing authentic insights on local and global places and fostering a culture of openness and communication.”

— Jess Primavera, Founder of Unbound

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