The Unbound Story​

We’re travelers. We’re hosts. We’re a community.

We’re on a mission to bring together those who create those magical one-of-a-kind travel experiences, who we call hosts, and those seeking deeper travel connections: you!

We’ve traveled a lot…like a lot.

We’ve visited over 100 countries and we’ve got the passport stamps to prove it. We’ve had one too many bouts of food poisoning we’ve tried to forget, caught sunrises we actually won’t forget, and even more sunsets in parts known and unknown. We as travelers have become stewards of the world. We’ve seen travel change our deepest selves and change those we’ve encountered along the way.

We believe in this power. 

The best kind of travel makes you feel alive.

Travel can enhance our own lives by sharing it with others, near and far.

After years of solo, group travel and booking experiences with travel companies not quite hitting the mark combined with high travel agent fees and endless Internet tabs, we couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. 

So, we took matters into our own hands and we created Unbound.

We take out all the complications of booking your next adventure. It’s as simple as that. The Unbound App and platform connect you with hand-picked, vetted by our team, the best of the best expert travel hosts, and their trip offerings. All you have to do is go.

We’re not like other travel companies. Our hosts eat, live, breathe these destinations and experiences. They’ve spent a lot of time in these places and some even live there. Each trip is different in its own way from a spiritual retreat under the stars in Joshua Tree to exploring Australia’s Gold Coast in nothing more than a camper van, meeting artisans in the enchanting Pueblos Mágicos in Central Mexico and so much more.

We’re everything you could want in an experiential company, travel brand, whatever you want to call us…and then some.

We’re Unbound.

Girl In Grand Canyon

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you to the world by making authentic local places accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy is to help make your dream trip a reality. We strive to create a sense of wonderment for the world by sharing authentic insights on local and global places and fostering a culture of openness and communication.”

— Jess Primavera, Founder of Unbound

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