Our Vision

Unbound was created to help you easily find and book your next trip, with recommendations specifically for you. Our travel app helps you research, compare and book group trips all in one place. Think of Unbound as your own personal travel agent in your pocket, without the annoying phone calls or high fees.

Unbound will guide you in discovering unique places and things to do, whether it’s in your own backyard or around the world, by connecting you with experienced travel hosts. We are focused on providing a safe and easy way to book your next trip, so you can book your next adventure with confidence.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to connect you to the world by making authentic local places accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our philosophy is to turn dreaming of the most wonderful places into discovering those places. We strive to create a sense of wonderment for the world by sharing authentic insights on local and global places and fostering a culture of openness and communication.”

— Jess Primavera, Founder of Unbound

Our Technology

Unbound’s core technology uses data science, neural network, and machine learning to process information, the single most accurate way to find and book trusted trips. In other words, our app will analyze all the different factors that go into finding the perfect group trip for you.

We spend the time researching and analyzing all the best group trip choices so you don’t have to. Simply open the app, review our recommended trip options and book your next trip!