5 Reasons to Visit the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an American landmark, and we’re bringing you 5 reasons to visit this American Treasure. An immense canyon in Arizona, it was carved by the Colorado River and is know for its marvelous colors. Travelers flock to this destination all times of year, but there’s a lot more to this place then meets the eye. Here are 5 reasons to visit the Grand Canyon.

1. No matter your physical ability, there are ways you can experience the Grand Canyon.

My 72 year old Grandmother and I chose to do the 8 mile hike from the South Rim, white water raft down the Colorado River, and then ride a bus out at the end. We’re both averagely fit for our respective ages and felt like this was medium difficulty. We were definitely sore, but not incapacitated. 

2. The views looking into the Grand Canyon.

No caption necessary! This might be the #1 reason to visit the Grand Canyon for most people.

Grand Canyon Views
Grand Canyon Views

3. Disconnecting from the world and enveloping yourself in nature. 

There is absolutely no service at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I can’t quite explain the feeling of leaving all of my trivial worries behind, breathing fresh air, and having crisp water splash me in the face.  

Placid River Water

4. Havasu Falls and day hikes into side canyons.

The blue-green milky water of Havasu Falls is ethereal. You can hike all the way up and find secluded swimming pools to jump into. The side canyons offer nice strolls after a day of rafting and make you feel like a bonafide explorer.

Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon
Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon

5. Lava Falls and other white water rapids.

Lava Falls is a class 10 rapid and is not for the faint of heart. Our expert boatmen take this water very seriously and maneuver it expertly. The Grand Canyon White Water guides have hundreds of trips through the rapids and know exactly what type of water breaking signs to look for during their approach.


These are our top 5 reasons to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. We’d love love to share with you our favorite way to plan for the Grand Canyon.

How to Plan for the Grand Canyon

1. Get Permission:

For overnight hikes, you will need a permit, which are hard to come by because of the popularity of staying in the Grand Canyon and the effort to preserve the national park. If this is your first time hiking, I would recommend buying a spot with a guide company. Since rapids were a must for me, I chose Grand Canyon White Water. The guides were very knowledgeable about the geology of the Grand Canyon, educated our group on safety, and made camping very simple by providing tents and preparing meals. 

2. Get in Shape:

Do a few lunges and long walks as you approach your hike date. This will go a long way during your trip and you won’t be nearly as sore as your travel buds who skimped on the lunges. 

3. Pack light:

Aquaphor, SPF, baby wipes, and pain medicine, to include sleep/PM medicine, to ease your sore muscles are a must-have. Other than that, limit the number of clothes you bring, maybe just two changes if you’re on a 5-7 day hike, but bring plenty of underwear and socks. If you’re rafting, a rain suit is definitely needed; the water can be a chilly 50 degrees even during the warmest season. A pair of hiking sandals to go along with your hiking boots comes in handy when you want to let your feet breathe. These packing essentials are a must for a properly planned trip to the Grand Canyon.

4. Hydrate

Have plenty of hydrating liquids and snacks on your hike. You will need to eat and hydrate constantly  even if you are not hungry or thirsty. The Grand Canyon is airy and dry and you drop about 6,000ft on your way down which can cause altitude sickness and bonking (hiking speak for hitting a wall). Energy snacks and drinks help fend off sickness and exhaustion. You can never EVER underestimate the importance of proper hydration at the Grand Canyon. 

5. Disconnect

You have no choice but to leave your troubles behind; there is absolutely no service in the Grand Canyon.

Girl In Grand Canyon 


5 Reasons to Visit the Grand Canyon

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